Center for Applied
Hydroclimate Sciences

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Our vision is to apply hydrometeorological science to provide reliable information for decision making to increase resilience to environmental stresses.

The Center for Applied Hydroclimate Sciences (CAHS) aims to work with several other existing entities within the University of Arizona in the area of climate science and water resources. The center hopes to provide better hydroclimate predictions and projections to help leverage better decision making and science translation, inform natural resource managers and policy makers in arid regions, and provide infrastructure for big-data management.

By providing these services and working with constituents across campus, CAHS plans to help the University of Arizona become a leader in application of hydroclimate information for environmental resilience.

Stock photo of analysts working on data reports.

Better hydroclimate predictions and projections

Merging observations, physical modeling, and machine learning to improve understanding of hydrometeorology will improve environmental resilience in the context of greater climate extremes.  Past and future extreme hydroclimatic events and their impacts will be investigated across a continuum of timescales.

Superstition mountains in Arizona.

Hydroclimate information for decision making and science translation

Refine understanding of constituent needs in the context of environmental and social resilience. Translate between core hydrometeorological science and applications to develop unified information-generation paradigms that are accessible and understandable to a variety of stakeholder users.

Analytics being displayed on a laptop screen.

Cyber infrastructure and big-data management

High performance computing resources and data storage with dedicated technical support are necessary for big data processing and management. The center will develop and maintain a permanent platform to display, manage and provide access to information. 

The Center for Applied Hydroclimate Sciences is a unit within the
Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR).

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